Monday, October 16, 2006

It begins...

What a year this has been. Change can sometimes be for the better and a great surprise.

Confirmation of my contract to work in Antarctica.
February - August 2007

This is a great opportunity both artistically and professionally to be posted to Scott Base to work on objects from Shackleton's hut. I'll be wintering over for 7 months which will be an experience. I'll call it that, as I have no expectations and no idea of what it will really be like. Not only enduring the coldest, most inhospitable continent on earth but being a part of history. Standing in the same places as the great polar explorers did, hands on hips of course.

Shackleton's Hut - I'll have to learn to ski!

Highlights so far this year....

Christmas dinner with friends at Jo Torr's house.

- No children allowed - pot luck "Jo style" is were you get given the recipe and encouraged to try it, but we all love that. I got the best present from the secret Santa which was one of Dave's photographs.
There are no visual record of this fabulous day, just good memories.

March - Exhibition at Thistle Hall.

Bronwyn, Nina and I had a joint show which was a great success and above all a great party.
Although I lost allot of works in the processes of getting ready I learnt allot and at install I did have some ketes and tiles to display which worked well with the other objects. I borrowed plinths from work and the show just fell into place - anyone would have thought we planned it!

Vicki provided a fabulous feast and everyone had a good time and they tell me, with much amusement that I couldn't quiet manage my three front steps -

"Moi, slightly intoxicated, surely not!"

Phil and Anna.
Dave, Tracey and Jo.

April - Huge Party.

Dave, Jo and I celebrated our birthdays at the yacht club and a good time had by all.
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Phil and Mark - Photographed by Anna Roberts.

July - Exhibition at Lopdell House Gallery.

I was invited to show my work after winning the Portage Emergent Artist Award in 2006. The stress involved in meeting this deadline was quiet something as friends will attest too. Ceramics makes you very philosophical as things break no matter how hard you have worked on them and for no rhyme or reason - you just have to let it go. Then it's a fantastic joy when something arrives at being finished above your expectations. A month out from the show eleven of the twelve sculptures cracked in the final firing - that's OK just make them all again ( you learn allot about yourself at these times)

The themed works were about Whaling and they were well received. It was an exciting experience setting up the gallery as the artist, a bit of a role reversal for me. Also loved my visit to Auckland as I meet lots of lovely people, arranged other exhibitions and visited galleries, something I have wanted to do for ages.

Bible Leaves - detail

August - Exhibition at Waiheke Island.
I was invited to join Penny Ericson in the Natural Selection ceramic exhibition on Waiheke Island. What a privilege to share a space with New Zealand ceramic artists.

Narrative - Ordinarily 60 foot long.

October - 2007 Portage Ceramic Awards.
For the third year running I have been selected which is a great compliment for me. Had fun in Auckland as well!!

Relationship Urns

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