Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh my God...

Oh my God, Oh my God...if you lived with Catherine and I you'd know what that meant!!

Mean while - time has just raced by and I'm so pleased that I took this week off to get organise. Not that I am organised but it would have been far worse. I keep getting distracted with coffee and lunch - lucky me!.

I had coffee with Amy and caught up on information and all the important stuff like who, what and where from Scott Base and you'll never guess what.

There is a Ceramic's studio and kiln at McMurdo - I'm ecstatic or "aroused" as our French intern would say. I am so looking forward to creating - whether that is havoc or not I'm not sure!

Rose also enlightened me about her trip to the ice many years ago and she commented on how fabulous I looked and that I should make the most of it, as it will be all down hill from there - as mentioned my hair will frizz and skin will flake off. But don't worry as the "Speak Easies" at McMurdo are nice and dark, so it's OK.

Her drink of choice in the evenings was Port, which sounds really nice.

I also received a present today which I had to promise not to open until on the ice, which will be hard. Forgot to check that this does not contain sharp implements, explosive substances or anything that could get me into trouble on the plane.
Did I pack my bags myself. Yes, everything except this bright pink parcel!

In between coffee's I have been packing up the house for renting out and throwing boxes into the roof for storage. Plaster moulds, tools, buckets of slip, bags of clay have all been pushed up there and it will be interesting how long they end up living there. It's so therapeutic to have yet another major clear out of the house.

My time is condensing but I'm managing to visit friends and tonight Dave is sorting out my I-Pod with music, great as I can't wait to have some sounds....he's a good friend as he did not laugh at my selections.

I'm going to miss that Catherine, we have had a real laugh together.

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