Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Potenial realised.

I was asked recently...

"Just how bad was your house when you bought it?"

Pretty bad!. It was interestingly decorated with yellow and blue paint apply with sponges, by the children I think. The kitchen no longer had floor boards, most likely rotted before it was re-piled and the covering of hard board was painted battleship grey. The positives where it had a new roof and I liked the wooden windows and the lay out.

Before images:
- note the lovely brick wall paper and the "bright sponge stipple effect" living room.

Renovations began late one night, I think I get that from my Mother!.

The cupboards were painted with blackboard paint for lots of chalk drawing or lists. The green MDF shelves that divided the rooms were removed immediately. The lounge and kitchen were both re-jibed in stages.

I installed the knew kitchen this year along with a new floor of mati boards. You don't realise it's so big until you have to pay for 20 square meters of wood. It was a shame to put anything on such a knew floor. I did not need to structurally change the room much but by removing only the old pantry I gained an area for a dinning table.

I left the power, gas and water where they were to keep costs down. The dog door has now been removed because a person could get through it, the door is now all restored.

An old iron gate became my pan rack.

I used marine ply stained black for the shelves . It was fun using bags of clay when I glued and screwed them together and a car- jack to get into place.

The lounge has knew furniture and persona with lost of red cushions - post images.

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