Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The first Sunset.

Outside is the best place to be, I stayed up until after midnight to enjoy this all wrapped up nice and warm and fortified with some wine.

I even found some art.....Look!!!

We also visited the Discovery Hut to view some treatment trials of objects that were placed there and to have a look see. God it was cold and the wind just cut through you. We froze in the hut and all wrestled some hand warmers off Emily, she always has a secret stash. This hut has less items than Royds but is just as emotive. I felt a little sick after looking at the piles of blubber, I think because it had vertebrae stretched with skin visible on top and through it which looked like the dead cows you'd come across in New Zealand rivers when you were a child and fixedly stare at.

Hanging meat - Damion Hurst eat your heart out!.

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