Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It begins.

I'm over whelmed and it's amazing, can't believe I'm here. The flight was quicker than expected at four and a half hours and I have never appreciated ear plugs so much. I did not see anything on the way as we had some American V.I.P military on board and they got to visit the cockpit for photo's, but I wasn't worried as I managed to sleep.
I stepped carefully off the plane as the boots are so big they take a bit of getting used too. But then I looked up and could not believe I was actually here, and then my ears felt it - quick get on the bus...

My head is spinning as there is so much to take in with the hand over from Robert and Al. Meetings fill the gaps between visits to the containers that hold the artifacts and materials and also the purpose-built labs that started life as containers. A bit like Rhy's Mo-Bars, only different.

We started preparatory work today and viewing selected items made it all real for me and surreal at the same time, as the view from the lab window is the Ross Sea ice shelf all crinkling up against the coast of volcanic rock because of the tide and currents, still too soft to venture out on. And what look like mouse droppings are actually Wardell seals lying about at the ice shelf edge.

I also have to accept that I'm not feeling the best which is very common. It takes about three days to adjust to the dry conditions and it is like having the flu, so I hope it passes quickly. Going outside helps, which is really great fun (it's about -5 today).

I am shattered and really tired, over whelmed and excited and I promise to write more once I have settled in.


NZIOMFan said...
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Just call me "Dr J" said...

Well your day pales into insignificance compared with the first day of Line 7! The sun was shinning and the wind was 10 -15knt all day! Testarossa had a superb day (beat Airship in every race) and got close to beating Resolve, they won by 3 secs on line. Had a couple of screaming spinnaker rides, Illusions crew stood and cheered as we shot passed them doing 12 knts, but hit 18 just after we gybed. trouble is our handicap killed us, we even have to give the MRX time, so finished with a consistent placing of 7 on IRC. 13 boats in our fleet.
Tomorrow should be another great day too!
Just keeping you in touch (no gloating of course!) have a geat time, try your MSN soon too.

NZIOMFan said...

Hey you, read the blog and really relieved you got there in one piece and didn't break a leg getting out of the plane!!! Looks bleak, but I expect it'll grow on you. Keep the news coming, following avidly.
Be safe
PS Sorry, deleted the previous...just realised I can't spell!!