Sunday, February 18, 2007


We visited McMurdo and it was depressing as it comes across as a sprawl of dusty buildings and blasted out soil with trucks and containers littering the land scape, also the cafe and bar have decided to close for winter leaving only the bowling ally and smokers bar open, not our first choice. But it's not all lost as there is a craft room and a climbing wall in one of the three gym's so that will be a definite positive for me.

We then discovered a Kiwi’s favourite pass time at McMurdo, which is not partying as you might think, but "Dumpster Diving".

The American’s through out everything especially just before they leave and these bins and boxes around the base are call Skua bins as in ‘scavenge” (the Skua is the Seagull of Antarctica). After trying some dumpster diving as a warm up we were then taken to Scura central which is the equivalent of a second hand shop only free - a Freegains delight - personal joke. We thoroughly enjoyed rummaging and came away with some excellent items. Jo would have been proud of us. I laughed as Emily got serious and took off her huge jacket and said “ I’m going in” as she disappeared into a box of material samples for her quilting project.

Back to the Scott Base bar for some wines and a beer for the driver.

"Skua Central"

The weekend raced by, well once you have worked Saturday it races by. After dinner it was the scrabble challenge all over again and rather too much wine for such a dehydrating environment but I had a nice time. Unfortunately I unintentionally slept in on Sunday and I did it properly, my roomie even considered holding a mirror to my face I was so unconscious. I missed brunch and the seal trip but I managed to make Fire Training - Phew!!! - I guess I needed the sleep.

As is tradition here on base we all gather in the dock way when people are flying out, and we find ourselves joining in, we were saying good bye to some wonderful people that have taught or looked after us really well.

We have moved into our own rooms which is great. They are compact but user friendly as they have lots of storage, I have a view of Crater Hill behind the base. Room 12.

Also, since I forgot my e-mail list could you lot in Wellington e-mail me on the address I gave you as I'd love to here from you and be able to respond, I can only remember some of them.
I'd really appreciate it...

Aroha Phil


Joerg said...

Hi Phil,
looks all very exciting!!

Joerg said...

sorry, haven't got your email. keep warm!