Saturday, February 10, 2007

A day off.

My first day of rest began amazingly, with a trip to the gym followed by brunch and I caught up on Wednesday's news, the papers are a little behind. Even so they are highly prized and sections get bartered for - "I'll make you a coffee for Tuesday's B- section". I'm still mastering the coffee machine so I had no takers.
If someone makes the coffee machine scream when frothing milk they get a standing ovation and apparently I came very close.

Care package: Please send Mojo coffee and 'iced mocha' lipstick as I'm gonna run out.

By the way, fat and happy!!

later - I joined Jo, John and Chris from the base and climbed the huge I might add "Crater Hill" behind us and it was a hard climb in boots that weigh a ton and many duvet like layers of clothing. I was very warm during the climb and needed my jacket open even though it was -10. The weather was beautiful for a day out.

At the top is a frozen lake that is fun to slide around on and a sledge. After "playing" for some time we walked down the other side to McMurdo for a rummage in the shop and a coffee.

Phillipa on ice - Chris behind getting ready to sledge down again.

Tomorrow we begin our Antarctic Field Training and get to play outside for 48hours, building an ice cave, a loo wall - essential and best of all we get our skadoo licences!

We have already had lessons on how to use and maintain our stoves. there was a fire blanket enclosed so that you can put yourself out if anything goes wrong.

Also - Poly prop plus flame equals a shrink wrapped arm - and a trip to McMurdo.

All these wonderful life skills will come in handy, especially the Hagglund licence?.


chic's in a car said...

Blimey! the place looks kinda alien. Good to see you're diving right in there.
I can appreciate why Mr Crean gave up his life as an intrepid explorer to become a publican; even the greatest appetite for adventure would wane under a two year supply of split peas and brussel sprouts!

Great news about the skidoo licence. I'm assuming there are no traffic lights on the ice but just in case - red means stop. I'm sure we all know by now what yellow means - don't go there!!!

Well, keep warm homie!

jayne said...

Hey Phil, wow it looks amazing down there...long may the doris plums continue at breakfast. If the good coffee runs out I can contribute to supplies - do we send care packages to Phillipa Durkin, c/- Scott Base, Antartica - I assume the ice doesn't have its own postcode?

Take care chick!