Saturday, March 03, 2007

All in one week.

Work wise we have moved into the base and have allot more room and visitor's which is great. We are looking at and making decisions on tins of Minced Collops - bacon, Calavants - a type of white bean and Aberdeen Marrow Fat, all really smelly but the worst by far is the kippered herring...

The weather has been fantastic with clear sky's and not much wind with Mt Erebus lending itself to beautiful views with blue sky's or amazing sunsets. I can try and take photo's but it just does not seem to capture the distance and colour that I'm experiencing - so I'll just have to remember it.

The sun is setting 20 minutes earlier each evening so the sky is offering amazing colours. While out doing the "Mouse Rounds" - rostered checking of the base the view was amazing, making the task far more enjoyable.

On Tuesday evening we took a walk around the base loop track of Observation hill and it was a great 5k walk in bright sunshine and I took many photo's. We ended up in McMurdo lured by the skua bins and because of this were late back. Rodney radioed in that we were late because he could not get the girls out of the skua bins - what a cheek, his bag of goodies was as big as ours...if not bigger!

According to Clive I have graduated from amiture to semi professional skua diver since I came back with a disco alarm clock - everyone was envious.

- Yes Mum that's me!!!

Track around Observation Hill.

One of the many images I took - 10.00pm

Fiona, Rodney, Don and Ian with Scott base in the distance.

The one thing I took for granted in Wellington was a weekend. Since we have only one Saturday off a month as a treat, which makes me laugh as it really is a "treat". I looked forward to it so much and perhaps should do the same in Wellington - we all should.
Instead of lazing about in bed till lunch time as I had planned we took off early to the ski field which is at the base of Castle Rock - incidentally where I had my driving lessons on Thursday for the Hagglund and Piston Bully - tractioned snow vehicles. Fantastic is all I can say.

Since I have never skied before I was allocated my inner tube from the Mechanic's work shop with instructions to avoid the cravas - OK! - I can do that!

This was loads of fun as we used the hagglund to drive repeatedly up the slopes and then raced down, three on skis and three bods on inner tubes.

We reached hilarious speeds on the tubes and then had to either negotiate the ice bridge across the cravas clearly marked with black flags and/or try and stop.

I wiped out so many red and green track marker flags that Lyal was convinced I was aiming for them. (they hurt)

If / when I hit flags I'd totally crash off into a sprawling heap of snow and I lost my ride a few times and therefore had to double up on top of Rodney or Shaun - two go even faster...

Helen and me on the tube...

The boys race down with me following in the Hagglund.

Do it again!! - nearly better than A.F.Training....

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