Monday, March 05, 2007

Coffee is my friend...

...we have a very good relationship and the secret to a good morning is far too much coffee.

Girls left to their own devices and the entertainment for this week has been singing complete with aerobics to make the most of the new and improved larger space. Sing like no one can hear us - "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK"

I'm ostracised as I did not recognise an Abba song and therefore do not deserve to listen to music ever again - allocated ear muffs.

Scott FM. have started taking requests - Yay, anything from the Mutton Birds, especially Anchor me or Wellington - I recognise those, I even know the words.
Every tin of herring is leaking and smells, Fiona has pulled her head inside and sipped up her turtle neck jumper and refuses to come out....
Fiona suggests a big hole - push it all in and pat down so that no one knows it's there and go skidooing.

Dealing with the Kippered Herring.

It's a mixed bag today of the very interesting that excite Emily like "Moir's Chicken & Veal Pate' - Curried Rabbit - Chicken and ham pie, in a tin and Bird's Egg Powder: A complete substitute for, although not made from eggs!. Through to what we have labelled the "crate of death"...

A quick laughable game of table tennis is light relief at lunch time, although "game" is a strong word. I will at least learn to hit it before I attempt to understand the rules. I will either be a pool shark or a table tennis pro by the end of six months....

This little cute is Lemco - Meat Extract
(Good Condition)

An example of the offending Kipper Tins

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