Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lunch time viewing

I'm working outside today in the containers and it's -23 and add the 12 knots of wind and that makes it - 40....
Thank god for the amazing layers that keep me warm. I have three pairs of gloves on which manages to keep them working but what makes me laugh is the frosted up glasses.

And I thought I was cold sailing!!!

We have had some amazing days of bright sunshine and you can see for ever, the view is unbelievable because the air is thin which magnifies it. You need sunnies to look out the windows. I have started doing the weather observations and recordings with Nathan so that I can give him a day off now and then, all part of being the Scott Base Family.
While out at lunch time I took some photo's....

"Ian's girls"

The pressure ridges are like frozen waves produced by the currents and tide, seals make the most of the weakened areas to break through.

And...Phillipa's faux pas while inner tube riding was:

"Quick, lie down, and I'll jump on top"

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