Sunday, March 18, 2007

On going work...

Under the wrapper of a small Lemco Meat Extract tin we found a leaflet of recipes. This had examples of how wonderful Beef Extract could be and recipes for the "Sick Room" (?) on the back.

After humidifying to enable opening without damage the actually size was A4 and was printed on both sides. It was then washed in deionised water a few times to remove discolouration and then it was lined with Japanese tissue and wheat starch paste. This gives it overall strength and prevents further losses.

I thought I might use some of the recipes to create an Historical meal next time I make Sunday dinner - "I wonder if I'd get away with that"??

After opening out.

Reading the back of the leaflet regarding what should be served to the sick.

This week we have also been emptying tins that leak and this must be the worst job I have ever had to do. I'm not sure which is worse, the rotten goop that used to be Kippered herring or the degraded mince and steak with congealed fat through it. Some has putrefied to a pink liquid with an acrid sweet smell - it's enough to put you off your lunch.

The top layer of herring has oxidised and turned black but you can still find scales, fins and the odd tail and in the middle it looks like tuna.

After emptying we clean off what is cemented to the sides of the tin - it's real bad!!

last night we got side tracked as it was Nathan's birthday and this involved cake, candles and drinks in the bar - rude not too. Also there is a special T-Shirt that must be worn on your birthday with very rude graffiti on it. I think I'll pretend not to have a birthday while here.

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