Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday March 4th - still sunny.

I awoke to knocking on my door as I had intended to sleep in but Lyal had pulled out of the skidoo party going to "Room with a view". I jumped into my extreme weather clothing (EWCs) and was at the back door, stopping only to brush my teeth in 2.5 seconds...

It was a great day to race around on the skidoo's as we have gained in confidence and no longer ride them like Nana's...I was airborne a few times as it is hard to see the uneven snow along the track - really fun when you leave the seat but even better when the whole machine floats through the air. Fiona and Emily shared a skidoo and nearly killed themselves several's those snow drifts, they take you by surprise. - Nothing to do with speed.

Even though it was -17 we did not feel the cold since we were so well wrapped up, we would check each others face to make sure no skin was showing to avoid any frost nip while riding.

Fiona and Emily.

The Skidoo party beyond Castle Rock.

I was really tired after all that play time....

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