Monday, March 19, 2007

Vehicle training...

This is a Piston Bully. This was like a game-boy to drive in the snow. The small half steering wheel sits in your lap and the throttle is a small ball you spin with your thumb. It is so responsive that you have to be careful not to spin it in a 360 in one spot, unless that's what you want.

The hagglunds are affectionately called haggas's and are noisy and unless you have some padding or a cushion you don't want to go far in one. I enjoy driving them as they are basically a simple automatic. They are completely sealed so that if your were to fall through the ice they float, and they have marine escape hatches in the roof - do not open doors if you fall through the ice. The steel tracks on the roof are for going over crevasses, something that will not happen I'm sure.

My tracks in the snow from my driving lessons..
This Caterpillar tractor is huge and is undergoing winter maintenance in the workshop, involving taking apart and spray painting parts.

Secretly, late one night the parts arranged themselves into this cute robot.

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