Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Very Happy now!!!

Emily and Ruth in the ceramic Studio.

Emily and I visited the ceramics studio in Mac Town last night and it was fantastic. We got a lift with the bowling team that was heading over to play/practice, since they tend to lose against the Americans - but that's OK as we always win the Rugby.
The studio is upstairs above the bowling alley and we could hear the strikes and cheers while Emily and I created.

The studio was fabulous and has everything - two wheels, new kiln, Abbots White Stoneware from Christchurch - Yay! and a rainbow of glaze colours....

I can't explain how happy this made me and I can also tell Jo - Yes, I've made some art!!
...Subject to firing of course - as we all know.

Well a maquette at least..."Big Plans"

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