Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vincent's Cross.

After dinner we warmed up a vehicle, unplugged it from the hitching rail - this is a supply of electricity that prevents the trucks from freezing while not in use. Also you are not allowed to use the hand brake as this will freeze on - therefore all vehicles have "chocks".

We drove over the hill to McMurdo to have a good rummage in skua and to check out some of the activities on offer. They have opened the ceramic studio, the bowling alley and the Chapel has yoga and salsa classes. They even have a Yacht Club - "I kid you not", and guess where they have their weekly meetings - yes, in the bar adding fuel to the rumour that yachties just might be alcoholics with a slight sailing problem.

We got side tracked as the sunset from over there was amazing. We drove on through Mac-Town and up to the Discovery hut and Vincent's Cross to take some images. We ran up the hill as we only had jeans on - a wee bit cold for just that (don't tell Ian) and then laughed about who would explain losing the truck off the cliff since we had left it running - well, you have to or it will freeze.

Just one of those fun evenings when you find yourself laughing for no reason - must be the cold thin air!

Quick, lets get down from here - it's cold!


Not much was found in Skua Central this week...but the salsa class was fun - do that again!

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