Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Scott Base held a Dawn ceremony this morning which was very moving. Presented was a history of ANZAC day and people contributed with poems, thoughts and remembrance of loved ones. A number of Americans visited for the occasions follow by coffee and Anzac biscuits.

Helen made a wreath out of the discarded route flags of red, black and green in the shape of Antarctica, it was a beautiful and inspired piece of art and substituted for flowers very well.

Sorry, not the best photo as there was not much light.

Helen also explained the history of the Anzac biscuits which was an idea put forward by the women at home, as a solution to the problem of getting nutrition to the troops. They needed something that provided energy that would travel well in sealed tins for anything up to two months. They came up with rolled oats, butter, sugar, golden syrup biscuits which took on the name of Anzac.

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