Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Condition 1"

We have experienced our first storm / bad weather with the "conditions' changing through from 3 to 1. For condition 3 there are no restrictions and we can go off base and visit McMurdo. For condition 2, when the windchill drops below -50 with poor visibility we are restricted to essential travel only with the Base Managers permission. AS for condition 1, no body is allowed to play outside and it usually consists of no visibility and high winds. The buildings rattle and groan with the wind - just like home, and you can't even see the flags on the front steps for the swirling snow.

Mt Erebus through our window.
Although it was only about -20 the wind was 50 knots.

Today's view out the bar window at about 4.00pm today - I was only in there taking the photo!!. The snow has built up around all the vehicles and up against the large roller doors. That's our big artificial sun. This was considered just a little storm.

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