Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Weekend

I really enjoyed my relaxing two days off.
On Saturday I stayed in bed until I was reminded by Fiona that we had planned to go shopping over in Mac Town, this was at 11.30 and she had just woken up...
We were in the truck and off to McMurdo in no time - straight after a few coffees and I bought some new T-shirts for the holiday I'm planning for when I get back to New Zealand - subject to manager approval.
Sunday morning and we all found "Easter Bunny Bags" at our doors...filled with more chocolate than I normally eat in a year but I'm sure I can get through it.

McMurdo also delivered Easter bags to us all at Scott Base.

During breakfast everyone joined in and became creative - after pancakes, too much coffee and loads of chocolate we really embraced egg painting. It was all harmless fun until the word competition was used and then it became competitive...

Feel the concentration....

Gavin won first Prize with his Hagglund (Egglund)

The Tower By Fiona...

Kiakura by Dee...Gavin's other entry - The World with a space shuttle.

My personal favourite - Mt Eggebus by Fiona.

We declared it to be a Brad Pitt Sunday and spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies.


Anna said...

Hiya Phil

Happy Easter!!!!

Great looking eggs! Where's yours?

Sheridan said...

hi philippa! sorry i haven't said hi yet - just wanted to let you know I'm keeping an eye on your blog too and I hope everything's going well. Love the landscape!