Monday, April 02, 2007

30% Completed.

I actually managed to dragged my carcass out of bed and went to the gym on Sunday morning. Which was then completely made null and void by a full brunch with the girl's and Gavin - had to be done - it was there in front of me - hash brown, bacon, scrabbled egg, more hash brown and coffee with capital C.

Thanks to Dave e-mailing his recipe for Lamb Tagine I managed to cook for all that evening. The meat was still frozen at 6.00pm, not that I was stressed - nothing a glass of wine for the cook did not fix.
I had to quadruple the recipe and this may explain the amount of chilli - never mind that's what yogurt was invented for.

Emily's sponge dessert lacked a bit of air but she still made everyone have some. No one escaped the dumpling and custard - just too much laughing and not enough eating.

More laughing with "Black Books" - how have I missed this program.

Some more views of Mt Erebus which is my constant view - I'm sorry I don't get out much, and Jo likes them..
10 am this morning -28.
I raced outside and took these real quick as your eyes start to cry and the tears freeze on your face and you can't feel your hands....
....Worth it!

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