Monday, April 16, 2007

Real Cold Now.

Mt Erebus on Wednesday - the clouds were amazing reflecting the light.

I took this shot while outside with Nathan taking the weather readings on Thursday morning.

Sunday Blake our Field Supervisor who looks after us outside had planed a skidoo trip to Pegasus pulling sledges which we were all looking forward to. But it was to close to a condition 2. Which is bad weather consisting of poor visibility and a wind chill of -50. I ended up fixing my jeans and then "Pimping" Rodney's shorts that had numerous holes in. They now have a fur trim, sequence and red hearts and stars all over them ... He was thrilled. I can't remember the last time I patched a man's jean - but there you have it - "It's a harsh continent" The rest of the afternoon I spent watching movies and eating the last of the chocolate with Fiona and Lyle, all three X-Men movies...

We also had the Premier of "Cops on Ice" Harsh County Police Department- what a laugh. This home movie made by Clive, Des and Don was to investigate the kidnapping of Helen's cat (Fake fur thing) a number of weeks ago.
The ransom note first began demanding a gazillion American dollars but as time dragged on became sausage rolls. The counter demand was no sausage rolls until the cat was returned....and so on.

I played the Forensic actually was a laugh as Nathan got arrested, Don and Des ran through the base with tinfoil guns and badges, Emily and Fiona were dead bodies and I flicked my hair a lot in a lab coat...The things you do when there is no TV.

The photo of the cat blind folded at knife point under a Hagglund track.

Today's sunrise was beautiful and lasted all day. The sun just skims the horizon and does not quiet rise as we are familiar with over the landscape. We did venture outside to take photos but it was freezing - 33 with a wind chill of -48. I think it's time we dragged out the balaclavas and hand warmers just to go to Mack Town. Next week the sun disappears for good on the 24th and we then have 116 days of darkness.

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