Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Away.

We booked the A-Frame which is the Kiwi Bach out on the ice, about 5km from Scott Base. It was a building that the Americans discarded in the 70's - I think and we salvaged it. It is one of our best assets and is very sort after.
After base duties were finished on Saturday afternoon we packed up food, wine, games and ourselves to have a weekend break. Lyal offered to drive us out in the Hagglund as he needed to re-stock the fuel tanks.
We then encouraged him to join us for dinner and games of Rummikub.

I decided that it was close enough to the 25th of April to open my surprise pink parcel. Hawkes Bay wine and Rum and Raisin Dark chocolate - great...also a card of Clyde Quay - my other home...

The heater had been fixed so we were nice and warm and cooked by lamp light on the camping stove. The porta-loo outside is always full to the roof with snow and it is one of the first tasks on arrival - dig out the loo.

We ventured outside in the dark as you could hear the ice cracking miles away and at the same time under your feet, it was a strange feeling. The isolation seemed immense to me as we stood outside this tiny wooden dwelling on an ice shelf the size of France - it definitely unnerved me and I can't explain why - maybe I have been in a city for too long - I raced back in side.

Emily, Lyal and myself relaxing after putting the fuel tanks away.

Discovering the contents of my parcel.

Fiona doing the dishes by lamplight and wishing we had not let the macaroni cheese go hard.

We enjoyed gossiping all night and past out with the heat after midnight. You can sleep on the second level but it was like a sauna. We imagined the small building melting into the ice or waking up to a lake.

Gavin picked us up on Sunday afternoon and I drove the Piston Bully home - "Drive it like you stole it" was Gav's encouragement...

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