Thursday, May 31, 2007

Golf anyone...

Scream - Under par!!
The Scott Base Golf Course.

Saturday was so much fun as we had the golf tournament around the base. Most areas and work teams made a golf hole with the usual toilet humour involved. In teams of four we went around the base and played golf all dressed up – now there’s a surprise. It was lucky Gavin protected the window in the workshop as he knew Emily was playing. She whacked it over the sand pits and water hazards for it to bounce off the roof, walls and onto the bench. No matter, she just played it off the bench. Nathan won best hole, the course involved an air pump under the floor, which sent the ball into another part of the room – the one with all the hazards. Those science techs have all the gadgets.

There followed a small party, which combined Fiona and Glen’s birthdays.

The encounter in the ablution block.

Emily on the workshop bench playing her ball...

The Quads.

"It went in!" - Fiona, unusually attired at the Heineken hole.

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