Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Dark!

The bad weather appears to have arrived early as previous winter over staff, as in Lyal, Iain and Glenn have commented that this usually arrives in June and it started in April, so we could have an exciting stormy winter ahead. The Snow drifts that have started to pile up are fun to play in when you go out on Mouse Rounds - Military term for the duty roster for checking the base at night. Fiona accompanied me last week when I was on fire crew, as I'm scared of the dark- yes I'm scared of the dark and I've come to Antarctica.
I need not have worried though as the moon was full and it was a gorgeous bright night with blue light everywhere, we had snow ball fights around the Hagglunds and fell into the snow to make angles - the drifts are still powdery and soft. You can make snow balls but they lack the moisture and weight needed to reach target.

The real reason Fiona came out with me was to catch the auroras.

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