Thursday, May 31, 2007


A castle cake suitable for Princess Fiona.

Hi Everyone…

This up date feels like it is covering a number of weeks, well all of May really. it seems to have gone all nuts here since the plunge. It may have something to do with the six birthdays we have celebrated in May – Yay! six birthday cakes and parties….

We have also received the photos of our plunge that we did on the 12th May– they were so private even we had to wait for them…

Look – proof that we did it…

I couldn't’t get to the ladder quick enough…

Well, this suck…..Guess what we have been watching

– Madagascar!
…and The Incredibles, Monster Inc, Cars and Sponge Bob…average viewing time 2.00am

A bit of a fun time as we not only celebrated my birthday but also our 50% day the night before on the 15th. Impromptu parties are the best and this one got way out of hand and we had allot of fun – Therefore a little tired and hung-over for my birthday - a shock to who?....

I had fruitcake with candles for morning tea and Helen made Dave's tagine for me as my birthday meal. We enjoyed a small gathering in the bar and played poker of all things – all these new skills I’m learning. Emily thrashed the guys as I’m sure she card counts.

Emily designed a treasure hunt that took me all over the base trying to work things out. The treasure was a bottle of bubbles. “We love Emily”

There was even a clue in the Sauna.

I’m sure that our time here at base will now race by since we are past half way. The days blur into weeks and we have a lot planned by the social committee, which has been taken over by Emily.

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