Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Non Polar Plunge Party.

To celebrate the polar plunge we decided to have a party - any excuse. The theme was predictable "P" which was a laugh as we spent the week trying to think up costumes. Penelope Pitstop, Pippy Longstockings, Pencil. I was also wondered why we have so many dress-up parties and I guess it's because we can't change the venue so we change ourselves - and it's loads of fun. Here at the base with being isolated you also find yourself enjoying child like fun like painting eggs, dressing up and everyone watching the family movie with icecreams and popcorn on a Sunday night

100% participation again from the Kiwi's and some Americans...
Pencil, Pimp, Pink, Phillipa (?), Prefect, Pope, Policeman, Pippy, Pocahontas, Prisoners all chained together, Pussy cat, Paris Hilton and a Pirate.

Paris Hilton minus wig, Pink, Pocahontas and Pamela...

The party over at McMurdo the week before began with a spa with Clive's girlfriend Ruth which was so amazing - soaking in a tub of hot water instead of the usual 3 minute shower with such low pressure you have to run around to get wet .
The Sunset Party had a good turn out with live music and spit-roasted pork on offer. This was a fancy dress titled The Prince and Princess of Darkness. The kiwi's cleaned up with Helen and Blake winning the prize money with Clive in second place dressed as a Gimp? (there are photo's but I'm aware children view this site)
I was the sober driver which was hilarious at the end of the evening. It was like herding cats trying to round everybody up into the van and get back home, the only thing I forgot was the choc.

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