Monday, May 14, 2007

White Island Visit.

It was a nice surprise on Wednesday as Blake hadarranged a day trip out to White Island, which would be the last all day event. From now on it will be limited to short trips like moon light walks around the ridges. Instead of waiting for the weekend it was planned for the first fine day. We were up and in two packed hagglunds by 8.00am.

The weather was light enough for us to see out of the Hagglund even though the windows iced up on the inside. A warm hand soon clears it. Bouncing around in the back was a real laugh. The back compartment had been lined with squabs to make it more comfortable for those having to be in the back with all the bags, food, thermoses and safety equipment. This meant you were bounced and thrown around and hit your head now and then - worse than a bad Cook Straight crossing.

We arrived at our destination and wrapped up warmly as it was -35 and climbed to the summit of White Island. This was a scree climb that became icy about half way up and took about 40 minutes. I found this really hard going because your boots are so heavy and clothing so cumbersome and padded. I was not confident on the ice and felt very uncoordinated in my boots and went for a few slides, digging in my ice axe - all really exciting.

Even though I could see the Hagglunds and their lights during our climb, and the view it was too dark for my camera and only managed a few images.

First stop for a walk around.

At the summit - that's me on the left. Midday.

Coming down the hill towards the light of the Hagglund

Nice and dark - all tired bunnies and time to go home...

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