Thursday, May 31, 2007

Winter Arouras

Scott Base HFC Building.

On Wednesday night we drove over the hill for Bingo as Emily was calling for Kiwi night. She is a natural and we had a real laugh although we did not win back any of the ice-cream. Our Ice-cream is coveted at McMurdo - another real commodity especially the choc chip mint ???. - Along with decent white wine and Nappysan....I'll explain later!!

On the way to Mack Town we stopped the van to view an aurora. It was amazing and almost made you cry it was so beautiful - you did not mind standing still with freezing hands and craned necks. It covered the sky from East to West and we were directly blow it, or at least that what it felt like. According to Anthony who takes the best pictures in Antarctica it is the best he has seen in seven winters on ice.

Images are Copy Right Antony Powell 2007

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