Wednesday, June 20, 2007

63 days to go...

Not that I'm counting...

In between yoga and having sauna's and the odd drink to be sociable, not to mention Mid-Winter Dinner parties - two of them I have been busy at work....

I'm worth my weight in Saffron!
Becuase Look!
This shows the state of the labels from small pea soup tins. Before and after I have treated one of them aqueously with 5% EDTA which worked amazingly to reduce / remove the staining.

Hartley's Plum Jam and one from the same batch that has had full treatment of wrapper, label and tin. They all have leaked and were soiled, stained with physical damage in the form of tears and losses. The jam and debris washed out in warm water and I used toned tissue to repair the wrapper.

We have also been sorting and treating leaking tins of Minced Steak and Lunch Tongue - really vile smell and we have labeled them as such - "Tins of Death" and we sang the durg that is the theme to Star Wars with Drath vadar in mind, through our masks as we tried in vain to seal them into bags.

Emptying the leaking jam tins - not very plum looking, we decide it must be Apricot as others look like Marmalade and yet they all have a plum labels - but some do look like plum.

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