Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mid Winter Celebrations.

Saturday the 16th June we celebrated Mid Winter with the McMurdo Formal dinner. This was a great evening that started early with Emily, Fiona and I trying to put on our cold weather pants over our evening clothes and stuffing our dresses in. The guys were in hysterics at this and then we all piled into the transports over the hill. We danced the night away with Salsa, swing and of course YMCA.

We celebrated the winter solstice traditionally on the 21st with our dinner party. This was limited in numbers only because our kitchen and dinning room are still under refurbishment. We transformed what is a concrete floored caged storage area into a dinning room and Helen produced a four course meal from the portable container kitchen. It all turned out fabulous and was a real community effort.

Gavin, Fiona, Emily and Clive setting up fairy lights, crackers to emulate Shackleton's Christmas Dinner and setting the table.

The finished result which looked amazing when the main lights were
turned off.
One of the many deserts.

Trouble comes in threes....

The second, and some would say more important polar plunge took place on Saturday evening. At the last minute I decided I would do it and dragged Nathan with me so we were the last in. It was fun and invigorating but real cold. - "Yes we were nuts" (There is a photo but I'm in the nuddy so I'll keep that for myself)

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