Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mystery Moonlight Trip.

A mystery tour was arranged for after dinner on Friday. This involved driving to Castle Rock, then Turtle Rock and onto Room with a view. I opted to go in the Hagglund and others took the four skidoos. The weather was great with good visibility in the moonlight.

We climbed to the saddle of Castle Rock, the wind prevented us climbing to the top but the view was still amazing in the bright blue moonlight and we all just sat for a while enjoying it.

View from Castle Rock - just imagine it by moonlight, all blue.

Turtle rock rest stop to check that all the skidoo riders were warm and happy - I guess so!

At Room with a view all that is left of the large wall built around the kitchen the guys made back in February.

I have not laughed so much as the Synchronised Skidooing Team raced past the Hagglund balanced thus...

The Mystery Team...

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