Saturday, June 30, 2007

A week on base...

The weather has been extremely mild for this time of year, ranging between -15 to -20 and not much wind producing some lovely evenings. Going out for walks is great exercise as not only do you burn calories from the cold but lifting/dragging those boots is really hard work. I have had an extremely quiet week since I have been unwell, even visited the Medic at McMurdo and was encouraged to rest - so I have nothing to report - my room is boring.
The unfortunately thing was I missed out on the Blue Moon Fun Run. This was a moonlight run from McMurdo to the Discovery Hut and back and a lot of people enjoyed it.
This morning I was well enough to go over the hill to meet up with Emily for Brunch and my god what a feast - it was like Christmas morning; A mountain of bread and bagels, cream cheese, salmon and the usual eggs, bacon, burgers, flan, potato salad (?). Pancakes, grapefruit, Greek yogurt and as much juice as you want. Then a shop counter groaning with pastries to match the quality and quantity of Pandoro to have with your coffee. You then spend the rest of Sunday in a food induced comma watching movies.

I checked my ceramics and they were in the kiln waiting to be fired - neat!

Two of Emily's sculptures survived their first firing so she was very happy and is confident she will finish her winter project of a nativity set.
Emily, Ruth and Clive being productive in the ceramics room.

I have been trying to keep up to date with team NZ over in Valencia, this is proving slow even with someone in the know over there. My enthusiasm for the racing is contagious and we all race to the briefing room for the 6 o'clock news.

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