Sunday, June 10, 2007

Work so far...Jam

The presentation of Edwardian food is really amazing as most tins are individually wrapped. There is usually a boastful advertisements enclosed between a label on the tin, wrapper followed by another label. These items are surface cleaned and repaired with Japanese tissue. I think about the girls in the factories that would have worked hard wrapping these tins.

The Jam tins are in poor condition but at least smell better than Angus Marrow Fat when emptying.

Before Treatment.

Unwrapping the tin which then passes to Emily, and I conserve the paper components.

Pea soup tins - there's a few.
These are in very poor condition and the majority are leaking.

Before Treatment.

After treatment when the conserved labels are returned to the tin. Cleaned tins await wrappers and you can see their keys for opening.

Square tins of Flaked Tapioca with physical damaged and corrosion staining to the outer wrapping.

Before treatment.
After treatment with infill repairs of toned Japanese tissue.
This is what fills my days here...

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