Saturday, July 21, 2007


Our long standing tradition of having a Friday drink with the builder's in the construction site continues, although the bar and lounge are very close to being finished. We are extremely privileged as this is an invite only affair and Fiona and I were the first to enjoy the "actual" bar!!

After contemplating 100 and one uses for an empty crisp packet, a tiara if you tie them together and even a bouncing frog, Iain became a target for the left over cream from the eclairs.
So the bar was christened with Wine, Heineken, Tui, cream and hot water from the flood earlier that day. (Steve did it) Dodge, duck, dive, dip and dodge - Iain got an earful and Rodney did not miss out either.

It's official, this is the only way Fiona and I can improve the white wine supplied by Antarctica New Zealand.

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