Saturday, July 21, 2007

Team effort

On Saturday afternoon we had a half day and we all enjoyed the "workshops" on bagel and sausage roll making with Helen. This is to produce morning tea supplies for the next month but it also adds the the fun community spirit that is this winter crew. It's not at all like a "Penguin sweatshop" as we have all volunteered, and I now know how to make bagels...

The raw meat being added too with some secret ingredients (Heineken) because of course it became a competition, the wine bottles were for rolling out the pastry and not for consumption - Nathan, Steve and Glen.

Steve and Glen shaping and cutting.

That's not round Lyal!!
We deviated from the traditional shape and make Figure of eights, Half hitches and Bowline knots.

The intermediate step of boiling for 30 seconds before dipping in seeds and cooking.

Quality control and tasting during the rugby.

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