Monday, July 23, 2007

That ICE program.

Have you all seen the Marcus Lush program on ICE being screened at home. We had it wired to us and viewed both episodes last night. It was great as he has capture Scott Base really well and it's just like that ...and more, and all those pea soup tins, all 147 of them, we've done those and they feature in our Conservation blog link. (Just the right, down there below my profile)

They turned out cool - if I do say so myself....

Our work is nearly all done and we are now concentrating on the A4 part of conservation - documentation and crossing eyes and T's
Match boxes that Fiona has worked on and my candle wrappers displayed in a Vanesta crate.

Slow start this morning as we could have voluntary blood tests for cholesterol. I declined the stab with a needle since I hate them but my blood pressure is perfect and low as usual even after three coffees, like I said it took a while to move this morning.

Followed by more coffee and ginger fruit cake for Emily's Birthday, but careful not to set off any sprinklers with 27 candles.

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caral.foster said...

congratulations on all the work at Shackleton base. I will really miss all the wonderful news and the wit!!
I hope that I will meet you when next I am in New Zealand.
alan fostercaroline2