Saturday, August 04, 2007

Celebrating the New Bar.

It was really exciting and we have all been working towards this one night and of course a very special party and celebration all winter. The refurbishment of the bar and lounge, which could be considered the centre of the base has been well worth the wait. Not only have the Quads finished ahead of schedule and then some.

This room has been extended and is a lovely space. - Yes, those are shoes, I think they are Dee's and were left there after the party.

The lounge is so comfy and relaxing, we enjoy having the fire on as does the cat. The large windows that flex in the wind (?) are starting to offer great ice shelf views.
The morning after.....

We well and truly opened the bar with a "wee party".

Saturday, thankfully was a day off - someone thought ahead as the base was extremely quiet which was OK since we had a condition one storm, so no one was going any where anyway. We had wind gusts of over 90 knots that shook the buildings all day and most of the night.

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